Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Work Continues

I want to first congratulate Rev. Tracey on her primary victory last night. She was very gracious in her comments, and she will now be the At-large Democratic candidate for Plainfield, a seat that serves all four wards of our city.

I also want to congratulate Adrian on his re-election as the Third Ward Democratic Council candidate. As the finance expert on the council and as an experienced legislator, he remains invaluable. Adrian rose above the vicious attacks by his opponent, and the people responded by returning him to office to continue to deliver the quality services they have come to expect from him.

I also want to thank my campaign team of Rebecca, Carmencita, Paul, Rick, Cory, and all the other volunteers who pulled together for this race. Rebecca, you are the hardest-working Democrat in Plainfield, and your political know-how remains invaluable. I am so glad you are on the city council--your progressive, ethical, and compassionate voice is needed. For Paul and Carmencita, I cannot thank you enough for the long hours you put in. Rick and Cory--my brothers--thanks for all that you did.
As for me, I remain committed to the betterment of our city as a teacher, as an athletic coach, and as a role model and mentor to my students and to all the young people in our city. I am a grassroots person, so I will continue my public and active role, and I hope you will join me as we work through the challenges facing Plainfield.



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  1. Thank you Roni for your time and efforts.
    Stick around, we'll need you again. Help us keep up the heat so our politicians get some morals and serve the people of Plainfield.